Tuesday, October 19, 2004

What do you do about the sun?

I have found that sun block in general does not work. There is no good sun block that is powerful enough for me. One thing I read and found out works is carrot juice and tomato juice helps a lot. There are some really good sunglasses out there. Get glasses they make for athletes. They reduce glare and therefore reduce pain. If that doesn't work I suggest welding glasses. Wear the glasses not the goggles. The goggles look really wired.
Whatever you do if you go to a water park. WEAR SUN BLOCK THAT DOESN'T WASH OFF. Believe me you will regret it. Stupid family outings.

What problems do Vampires face?

"I was in line for food and i got smushed into the guy in front of me. I could hear his heart beating. All i could think of was wanting to feed. I had to get out of line and let a friend wait in line for me."
- A friend of mine

This is something we all fear this is almost as bad as not being able to wear sunglasses in class. I keep mine in my locker until the end of the day then I put them on for when I walk home. Ouch.

Monday, October 18, 2004

What are vampires?

There are two types of vampires. One is the psi-vampires. They feed off of psi energy or chi. These vampires consume the chi of the people around them. The other kind is the sanguirarn or blood vampire. More people know about these kind. However most are misinformed and believe what they see in the movies. The movies portray vampires very incorrectly. They show vampires as extreme evil. True it my look like vampires are evil, but it is not true. Vampires often wear black because vamps are sensitive to light. I hope this answers your question.

Friday, October 15, 2004

First Post

I want create a helpful, informative blog. I want to help people with the truth of vampires. Many people believe they are weird. Take it from me they are just what they are. Most will NOT take blood forcefully. Many in fact will ask nicely even if they are really deep into vampirsm. Many don't even drink blood. Some feed off of good feelings. I Hope This Site Will Go On for awhile. :)